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Programming in C, C++, Pascal or Ada

Time tested and complete, each programming tutorial is designed to teach you how to program in C, C++, Pascal, Ada-83, or Ada-95. Our material includes programming concepts, diagrams, source code for all example programs, and answers to all exercises. An effective language instruction series appropriate for the beginner to intermediate skillset.
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Authored by a practicing engineer, Gordon Dodrill, each tutorial series has received acclaim from countless satisfied users. Coronado Enterprises tutorials are distributed to programmers throughout the world and have been proven effective since 1985.

Our commitment is to supply you with information that will lead you to success in your programming endeavors. Try our Evaluation Package to find out if our writing style works well for you.

Success to you,
Leora Dodrill and Gordon Dodrill
Coronado Enterprises

Evaluation Package

Examine any tutorial by viewing the text of the first three chapters online, or by downloading ZIP Evaluation Package.

The benefit of downloading the Evaluation Package in ZIP format is the inclusion of sample programs. You'll also receive practice exercises. If you choose to read the chapters online, keep in mind this method does not include sample programs, however, you will receive all source code when you purchase the complete programming tutorial.

Evaluation package includes:

- Introduction, Chapters 1, 2, and 3
- Concepts and discussion
- Sample programs and source code
- Experience through practical application. Learn by working through practice exercises.

The recommended method of study is to print the text for one or two chapters and study the material by loading the example programs in the compiler's editor for viewing. Following successful completion of each chapter, practice exercises provide additional practice, exposure and experience.
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Full Programming Tutorial

Once you've had the opportunity to trial a programming tutorial, you may continue your studies by purchasing the full version online. Each tutorial contains 12 or more chapters and includes all sample programs. Also included are practice exercises and all source code.

Tutorials are available for purchase, US $15.00 each. Once payment has been accepted for your order, you will receive immediate download instructions.

Write to tutorial@coronadoenterprises.com for more information, or purchase programming tutorials online.

Vinit Carpenter's website reviews C/C++ programming learning tools and recommends our C or C++ programming tutorial:

"This is one of the most complete tutorials out there. Once again, most of the items covered here are apply across all platforms. There are some items discussed here that are DOS dependent. The tutorial includes a manual that covers all the aspects of the C language. The archive also includes a huge collection of C code that is discussed in this tutorial. The best way to learn anything is by practical application and this tutorial does just that."

Ada-83 | Ada-95 | C | C++ | Pascal

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Programming Tutorial

Programming Concepts

These topics are all covered in the tutorials:

Memory Diagram
Arrays and Pointers
Pointers and Dynamic Allocation
Parameter Passing


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Examine the first three chapters of a programming language series to ensure our tutorials are:

 Written in an informative style

 Written in a format that will help you master the concepts

 Easy to understand

 Valuable as supplemental coursework material or stand alone self study material


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