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About the Author: Gordon Dodrill

The author of this tutorial began programming in 1961 using FORTRAN on an IBM 1620. Since then, most of his career has been involved with designing digital logic for satellite application. In 1983, being somewhat burned out with logic design, he began a study of some of the more modern programming languages and has since made a complete career shift to software development. After learning Pascal, C was studied, followed by Modula-2 and Ada, and more recently C++. Rather than simply learning the syntax of each new language, modern methods of software engineering were studied and applied to effectively utilize the languages. He is currently employed by a large research and development laboratory where he continues to study, teach, and apply the newer programming languages.


About Coronado Enterprises

Coronado Enterprises tutorials are designed to quickly get you up to speed and actually programming in the language of your choice. The tutorials were written by a practicing engineer with a desire to get you writing code, preferring to defer the language theory until later in the tutorial.


Why should I learn how to program a computer?

Mostly because you want to. If you don't enjoy technical work, you should not even consider learning how to program a computer since it is all technical work. It is, however, very satisfying to see your creation running on a computer and know that others are productively using a program you designed and wrote. Of course, software development also pays very well and is considered one of the best occupations because of the relatively low stress and good working conditions. Programmers are never required to work outside in inclement weather.

What Programming Language should I start with?


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