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Programming in C
Table of Contents
Introduction - What is C and why study it?
Chapter 1 - Getting Started
Chapter 2 - Program Structure
Chapter 3 - Program Control
Chapter 4 - Assignment & Logical Compare
Chapter 5 - Functions, Variables, & Prototyping
Chapter 6 - The C Preprocessor
Chapter 7 - Strings and Arrays
Chapter 8 - Pointers
Chapter 9 - Standard Input/Output
Chapter 10 - File Input/Output
Chapter 11 - Structures
Chapter 12 - Dynamic Allocation
Chapter 13 - Character and Bit Manipulation


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Programming in C and this tutorial

The C programming tutorial teaches you the entire C language. It covers the ANSI-C standard and gives a few illustrations of the original K&R C language.

Learn how to program in C by studying the 13 chapters in order since topics are introduced in a logical sequence and build upon topics introduced in previous chapters.

Material includes programming concepts, diagrams, source code for all example programs, and answers to all programming exercises. It is to the students benefit to examine the source code for the example programs, then compile and execute each program as it is studied. The diligent student will modify the example program in some way, then recompile and execute it to see if he understands the material studied for that program. This will provide the student with valuable experience using his compiler.

The recommended method of study is to print the text for one or two chapters, examine the example programs, and study the material by loading the example programs in the compiler's editor for viewing. Following successful completion of each chapter, programming exercises provide additional exposure to C.

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Frequently asked questions about C

Additional C Training & Information Sources

Additional C Topics

How do I get additional help?

Loading a modern compiler onto your computer can be a large and complex task. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with that task since we do not have experience with all compilers. The documentation that comes with your compiler should have sufficient notes to help you complete that task. If you cannot get enough help from your compiler vendor, the next best help would be obtained from a friend or acquaintance with programming experience.

If the instructions for downloading the source code is carefully followed, and your browser is properly configured, you should have no difficulty downloading and unzipping the source code.

As you study the various topics, you may occasionally have a question about the language or about one of the example programs. The Code Board provides a forum where we will attempt to answer most questions as timely as possible. Our time, like yours, is limited, so we cannot answer any question that takes more than a few minutes of research on our part. Please note that we will not do homework assignments for you, since you would not benefit from it.


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