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The only information we have available at this time about Java is a series of URL's to direct you to information about Java. The author of the tutorials has considerable experience with Java and will be placing additional information about Java here. It is just a matter of finding the time to do it.

A Java tutorial is not in progress. There is a plethora of good books on Java and another is really not needed.

The Java Tutorial
This is provided by Sun Microsystems, the developer of Java. It provides information on a wide variety of Java topics.

The Java Glossary
This provides a definition for essentially every acronym and new term you will encounter as you begin your study of Java.

The Java Developer Connection Home page
Lots of information about Java from Sun Microsystems.

The Java Programmers FAQ - with answers
This should answer many of your initial and advanced questions about programming in Java.

Java Programming
This site contains some introductory Java programming information.

Java World online magazine
This online magazine contains many articles about using Java for development.

Usenet discussion groups about Java (many others are available)


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