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Pascal Table of Contents
Introduction - What is Pascal and why study it?
Chapter 1 - What is a computer program?
Chapter 2 - Getting Started in Pascal
Chapter 3 - The Simple Pascal Data Type
Chapter 4 - Pascal Loops and Control Structures
Chapter 5 - Pascal Procedures and Functions
Chapter 6 - Arrays, Types, Constants, and Labels
Chapter 7 - Strings and String Procedures
Chapter 8 - Scalars, Subranges, and Sets
Chapter 9 - Records
Chapter 10 - Standard Input/Output
Chapter 11 - Files
Chapter 12 - Pointers and Dynamic Allocation
Chapter 13 - Units in Turbo Pascal
Chapter 14 - Encapsulation and Inheritance
Chapter 15 - Virtual Methods
Chapter 16 - Complete Example Programs


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Download a ZIP file containing the first three chapters from the tutorial and source code for accompanying example programs. In addition, there are programming exercises at the end of most chapters which you should attempt to write simply to gain the experience. An answer is given for each of these exercises so you can compare your solution with another.


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